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What is it all about?

 RECHARGE AND GET PAID is a fully registered company with recognized regulatory institutions in Nigeria, Two of them being the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), with its headquarters at Abuja. 
Secondly, RAGP operates in partnership with the four major networks in Nigeria: MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel. Incorporated recently into it are DSTV, GOTV and StarTimes. 

It is estimated that the recharge/communications business is the next most pressing need after food; and that why averagely thousands of Nigerians recharge their GSM gadgets per second. So imagine yourself earning money from this thousands of Nigerians each time they recharge their phones even when you are in the comfort of your home. 

RECHARGE AND GET PAID, (RAGP) is a platform that enables every registered member not only to recharge his/her phone, load data and subscribe to cable network from self-created VTU (Virtual Top-Up) but to also make between 4% and 10% out of every one of such recharges and subscriptions. In other words, once you have completed all registration procedures and are duly registered, at some point in time, it becomes almost impossible to walk across the road and buy recharge cards as you can do that from the comfort  of your home, through self-created VTU. You can even sell recharge card to other people if you so desire.

Two things are created following registrations, which are:

 (1) the VTU and

 (2) the E-Wallet.

 While all recharge benefits drop into the VTU, financial benefits go into the E-wallet which can in turn be transferred through the same channel into your bank account, one of the required pieces of information supplied in the course of filling the online form to create your account. 

Registration is at six (6) different categories based on your pocket. Below is the categorization:

1. Basic  N5,000

2. Bronze =  N10,000

3. Silver =  N20,000

4. Gold =  N30,000

5. Diamond = N40,000

6. Platinum =  N50,000

The beautiful thing about it is that you can always upgrade your status to whatever level you wish, assuming you registered at the level of bronze package which is N10,000, you can later upgrade to any package of your choice at any time. And as soon as your registration has gone through, you will see your PV (Point Value) level, i.e. your registration bonus, which is 20% of the total registered amount. 

Once you indicate interest, you’ll be given the company’s account details, a list of about three bank accounts where all payments are made, and you’ll choose any one that is convenient or closer to you.

Products to collect when you register

Platinum member N10,000 And 200PV And You can Earn up to 10th Level Deep

Diamond Member N8,000 And 160PV And You Earn up to 9th Level Deep

Gold Member N6,000 And 120PV And You can Earn up to 8th Level Deep

Silver Member N4,000 And 80PV And You can Earn up to 7th Level Deep

Bronze Member N2,000 And 40PV And You can Earn up to 6th Level Deep

Basic Member N1,000 And 20PV And You can Earn up to 5th Level Deep.

For more information, call/WhatsApp: 08094414899


  1. Good scheme but pls why are your data packages more expensive than the regular rate. I think that is unfair to your subcribers especially when data sharing is a booming business. I think you should review data costs.

    1. Join our online seminars.


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