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About RAGP

What is Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP)?
RAGP is a platform that enables every registered member not only to recharge his/her phone, load data and subscribe to cable network from self-created VTU (Virtual Top-Up) but to also make between 4% and 10% out of every one of such recharges and subscriptions. In other words, once you have completed all registration procedures and are duly registered, at some point in time, it becomes almost impossible to walk across the road and buy recharge cards as you can do that from the comfort  of your home, through self-created VTU. You can even sell airtime to other people if you so desire. You can also do data subcriptions, cable TV (DSTV, GOTV and STARTIMES) subscriptions for others if you wish.

To join WhatsApp/call: 08094414899


  1. Azibapu Lawrence14 November 2017 at 03:55
    Password is a very sensitive and necessary element of security on the internet but it can easily be lost hence every program makes provision for resetting passwords.

    RAPG has no such easy provision and this needs to be resolved else people will loose their accounts. The idea of valid e-mail ID sounds most funny because one's email that has been active over the years can't be said to be invalid when it's even what was used to open the account and yet there are no given tags of the said valid email IDs anywhere in the program; or, even how to generate them.

    Could admin di something to them, please?

  2. I cant found login pin on your menu hence i found it difficult to open my account


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